Kialo Edu is selected for the European Digital Education Hub’s 2024 Accelerator program

Kialo Edu is honored to have been selected by the European Digital Education Hub for the 2024 edition of the Digital Education Accelerator program. Out of 46 candidates from 20 countries in the EU, Kialo Edu was one of eight educational technology (edtech) tools chosen for innovation and impact potential.

We look forward to making the most of this opportunity by working together with the European Digital Education Hub to grow Kialo Edu and bring thoughtful, inclusive discussions to classrooms across Europe.

What is the Digital Education Accelerator Program?

Under the guidance of the European Commission, the European Digital Accelerator program “helps the education and training sector improve digital education by accelerating a hand-picked selection of innovative solutions.” In short, the program aims to fast-track the development and adoption of innovative edtech tools across the European Union.

Teams selected for the program first receive a series of support sessions and workshops from experts in the education and business sectors. Next, the selected teams gain access to a diverse network of testing environments across Europe, where they can gain on-the-ground insights from live classrooms on the usability of their tool.

We expect this testing phase to commence in fall 2024, and we’re excited for the chance to engage real testers in hands-on activities with Kialo Edu!

The final stage of the program is to showcase the selected tools in various international conferences and workshops. This is a further opportunity to receive feedback, make connections and network, and increase the visibility of these innovative educational tools.

What this means for Kialo Edu going forward

Kialo Edu has received a number of accolades from big names in education, but our selection for this program is a special honor. The Digital Education Accelerator not only recognizes excellence among the selected edtechs, but invests real resources in their success. We could hardly be prouder to accept this substantial backing from the European Commission!

Without a doubt, the Digital Education Accelerator represents a milestone in Kialo Edu’s commitment to quality and steady drive to grow. A big thank you to all the educators who’ve helped us get this far. Here’s to a bright future in going even further in making the world a more thoughtful place!

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