FAQs: May Templates Tournament

When does this Kialo Edu Templates Tournament close?

Entries must be submitted by Monday, May 16 at

New York:

21:59 (9:59 pm)
17:59 (5:59 pm)
23:59 (11:59 pm)

Any late submissions will be disqualified.

Once you have submitted your template through the submission form, we will assume it is complete. So please ensure that you have included everything you need to! Our judging panel will be blind-marking entries from a copy without identifying information.

Is there a required template format?

Yes! First and foremost, your template needs to be on Kialo Edu, and we need to be able to access your template via a sharing link. We cannot assess your entry if the link you provide to us doesn’t work.

Additionally, templates must:

  • Be written in English. 
  • Have a single thesis.
  • Have two pro claims and two con claims under the thesis.
  • Have background information between 150-350 words.

Please note that you do not need to include a cover image with your submission.

You can read more about our judging criteria here.

Is there anything that would exclude my template submission? 

Templates will be excluded if:

  • The template is submitted after the deadline.
  • The sharing link does not work.  
  • Edits are made to the template after it has been submitted.
  • The template is not in English.
  • The template does not meet the required submission format.

If you submit multiple entries, all but the most recent entry will be discarded.

How many times can I enter this Tournament?

We only accept one application per person for this Tournament. We will consider the most recent template submission to be the applicant’s chosen entry.

Is there any limit on how many teachers can enter the Tournament per school?

There is no limit on the number of teachers who can enter this Tournament per school.

How is the competition judged?

For details on what our judges are looking for in a winning template, see our Tournament Announcement.

We are committed to fairness at Kialo Edu. This means that we will do our utmost to ensure that your templates are judged fairly. To ensure this, we use a blind judging process: our judges cannot see who submits which template. All templates will have identifiable information removed from them by our admin team before they are passed on to the adjudicators.

When will entrants hear if they have won?

We aim to notify winners by May 29th. We will reach out to winners via email, so add competitions@kialo-edu.com to your list of trusted senders so we don’t end up in your spam folder!

Because we’ll give our winners two weeks to confirm acceptance of their prize before moving to the next-ranked entry, winner announcements on our Blog and social media may be delayed. We’ll also verify that our top three prize winners are eligible entrants which may also cause delays!

How does verification work?

We really want to ensure we’re rewarding teachers for their incredible work in our Templates Tournaments. This means that we will undertake a discretionary verification process for our top three prize winners.

If I win, how will I receive my prize?

All our prizes come in the format of an Amazon gift card. The submission form will collect information on which Amazon store your gift card needs to be for and what email address your Amazon account is associated with. This is because gift cards are location-locked to one Amazon store and are account-specific.

I’m not in the USA. How much is my prize worth?

We will convert the USD value of your prize to the currency used by your chosen Amazon store on the day we purchase the vouchers.  

What is your attribution policy for winning templates?

The winners of our top three prizes will all be shouted out in our winner’s blog post! If you want us to include any social media handles in this shout-out, and/or in any social media posts about your template, please enter this in the submission form.

Additionally, we will add an attribution to the bottom of the background information of any template based on a Tournament submission, e.g., “Based on the template submitted by John Doe in our May Templates Tournament.” Note that we’ll refer to templates as “based on” a submission, rather than “written by”. This is because we may make house-style edits to submissions before publication.