Easy icebreaker discussions to engage students

Need a quick, simple, but meaningful activity to break the ice or fill some time in your classroom? Kialo Edu’s got you covered! Here’s a list of easy, engaging icebreaker debate topics that are sure to get students talking and focused.

What’s more, they’ll be developing critical thinking skills as they practice discussion and argumentation through Kialo Edu’s unique argument mapping platform.

Let’s jump right in, shall we? Check out some of our favorite icebreakers from our library of Kialo Templates.

6 sure-fire debate topics to break the ice

Let’s start with an undisputed classic that never fails to elicit some strong opinions: Who’s the better furry companion? Talk about a pet issue! Students both young and old are sure to wag their tongues about this topic.

Which are better: cats or dogs? kialo-edu.com

Flight? Invisibility? Super strength? Let your students decide which is the superior superpower! They can even flex their creativity and add in their own ideas for superpowers.

Which superpower would be best to have? kialo-edu.com

With this Topic Template, you can get younger students talking with an issue that impacts them in real life. Should kids on social media get a like or a ban?

Should kids be able to have social media? kialo-edu.com

On the topic of social media, is there a platform that we’d be better off without? If society could press the block button on an entire site, which would be best to choose? Middle and high school students that seemingly live on social media will surely have lots to say.

Which social media platform would be best to ban? kialo-edu.com

When students get home, many of them take a fun trip to the digital world. So, what’s the best vehicle for this voyage? Let students game out their opinions in this discussion!

Which video game console is the best? kialo-edu.com

Our list closes with this lighthearted but provocative debate. This tasty discussion is sure to bear fruit, even if it doesn’t go on pizza!

Does pineapple belong on pizza? kialo-edu.com

As always, thanks for checking out Kialo Edu! These icebreakers will not only have your students engaged and gabbing, but thinking critically — even if it’s about some clearly noncritical question. Happy debating, and let us know how it went at feedback@kialo-edu.com, or on any of our social media platforms!

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