Science debate topics for the classroom

Science inspires students to investigate the mysteries of the world through the lens of critical thinking. By using the scientific method, students explore how and why to consider multiple perspectives and evaluate evidence to prove scientific theories or draw conclusions. We’ve employed our research skills to create an inventory of science-themed debate topics.

Many of these are already available on Kialo Edu in our Topic Library complete with starter claims — or you can create your own discussion. Get your students to experiment with critical thinking in science by participating in these discussions and debates!

Biology debate topics

  • Are all microorganisms bad?
  • Are the seven properties of life a good way to separate living and nonliving things?
  • Are viruses alive?
  • Do plants have a form of consciousness?
  • Is it wrong to pure-breed pets?
  • Is nature stronger than nurture?
  • Should animal testing be banned?
  • Should cloning humans be legal?
  • Should euthanasia be legal?
  • Should scientists create synthetic life forms?
  • Should the genetic engineering of human embryos be banned?
  • Should we ban zoos?
  • Should we create artificial wombs for humans?
  • Should discarded human embryos be used for scientific research?

Health and medicine debate topics

  • Are antidepressants a good solution to depression?
  • Are vitamin pills an effective replacement for real nutrients?
  • Do e-cigarettes help people to stop smoking?
  • Does traditional medicine have a future?
  • Is breakfast important?
  • Is obesity a disease?
  • Is plant-based fast food really better than traditional fast food?
  • Should artificial sweeteners be banned?
  • Should cigarettes be banned?
  • Should everyone be vegetarian?
  • Should governments impose price controls on medicines?
  • Should pharmaceutical companies be responsible for equitable access to medicines in the Global South?
  • Should vaccines be mandatory?
  • Should we always avoid stress?
  • What is the best way to decrease infant mortality rates in the Global South?
  • What is the most important factor in prioritizing vaccine distribution?
  • Will we ever wipe out polio?

Environmental debate topics

  • Are “debt-for-nature swaps” a good strategy for rainforest conservation?
  • Are water resources a basic human right?
  • Can climate scientists benefit from working more closely with indigenous communities?
  • Can coral reefs be regenerated?
  • Can the Hand-In-Hand Initiative really make a difference?
  • Could lab-grown meat be a useful tool for fighting climate change?
  • Could the de-extinction of certain species help the environment?
  • Is climate more important than soil for determining vegetation characteristics in cold environments?
  • Is climate science knowledge from the Global South being used effectively to help solve climate change?
  • Is it a good idea to use wind farms?
  • Is rewilding a good idea?
  • Is the decline in biodiversity the most important challenge for our ecosystem?
  • Should countries open new oil fields?
  • Should fossil fuels be banned?
  • Should genetically modified crops be banned?
  • Should people have fewer children to help tackle climate change?
  • Should single-use plastics be banned?
  • Should we begin relocating people from coastlines vulnerable to climate change?
  • Should we use geoengineering to offset the impacts of climate change?
  • What is the best source of renewable energy?
  • What is the best way to fight climate change?
  • What is the best way to improve Africa’s agrifood systems?
  • What is the main consequence of the decline in marine apex predators?

Astronomy debate topics

Technology debate topics

General science debate topics

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