World War I class activity ideas for Remembrance Day

The 11th of November holds an important place in many countries’ histories. Known as Remembrance Day, or Veteran’s Day in the United States, this day is a great opportunity to have class discussions on World War I and its legacy with students.

To that end, we’ve put together a collection of class debate topics about the War and its continuing relevance today. Help bring history to life with these intriguing discussions!

Class discussions on the history of World War I

Analyze each of the main causes of World War I

You can’t study World War I without exploring its complex causes. Here’s a discussion template to help your students evaluate the relative importance of each cause. This template already has everything you need: theses, some background text, as well as some starter claims under each thesis to help your students jump right in.

What was the main cause of World War I?

Examine the US’s involvement in World War I

While World War I received far less attention in the United States than in Europe, the US’s entry into the War was a crucial turning point. Hold these discussions with your students on American involvement in the Great War to explore the history of the war from a different perspective.

Did the United States really enter World War I out of self-defense?

Should the US have entered World War I earlier?

Class discussions to explore the legacy of World War I

Discuss the impact of the Treat of Versailles

World War I remains one of the most written about historical subjects because it so deeply changed the world. Not only did it impact the political, social, and economic structures of many countries, it set the stage for another major event: World War II.

Use this Topic Template to discuss the impacts of the Treaty of Versailles, and if it directly contributed to the start of World War II.

Was the Treaty of Versailles the main cause of World War II?

Discuss changing gender norms after World War I

The lives of European women changed significantly during the War. Use this discussion template with your students to examine the impact of the War on European women. Best suited for middle- or high-school students, bring relevance to the topic by relating it to gender norms, rights, and freedoms experienced by women today.

Did women in Europe gain more rights and freedoms as a result of World War I?

World War I is a vast and weighty topic, with much potential for discussion. These are just some of the ideas we’ve come up with – and we’d love to hear yours! If you have a great debate with your students, you can always tell us about it on social media or at!

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