Aligning Kialo Edu with National Curriculum for England standards

Kialo Edu is great for holding class discussions that boosts students’ critical thinking and argumentation skills, enhance collaboration, and helps them take on multiple perspectives on an issue.

These resources are for educators who follow National Curriculum of England standards to better incorporate Kialo Edu discussions into lessons. Here, you will find our curriculum alignment tables for key stages 2, 3, and 4. Each activity done on Kialo Edu helps train a skill for students to acquire, which in turn corresponds to a specific standard.

Along with that, we have companion articles that goes more in-depth into the merits of activities students can do on Kialo Edu that align with specific National Curriculum of England standards for English and History.

National Curriculum of England English standards


How Kialo Edu aligns with the National Curriculum for England in English

Curriculum alignment tables