Debate topics for high school students

It’s almost inevitable that today’s high school students will encounter many types of debate topics online. That’s why it’s important for educators to create a safe and supportive space for high school students to develop more informed viewpoints by having classroom debates and discussions, where students can explore multiple perspectives and challenge biases.

And what better place to do it than on Kialo Edu? That’s because Kialo Edu’s Topic Library has many of these debate topics with pro and con points already provided, so you can engage your students in discussions and debates without delay!

Civics debate topics for high school students

Exploring debate topics in civics lessons improves high school students’ social awareness and builds their civic literacy skills. Moreover, participating in debates on civics topics deepens students’ understanding of democratic processes, supporting their future civic engagement.

Education debate topics for high school students

Debates centered around the topic of education offer students the opportunity to express their views on a subject that directly affects them. This can encourage students to take a more active interest in their schooling and increase their motivation and engagement!

Philosophy debate topics for high school students

The study of philosophy unlocks a wide range of debate topics for high school students to explore. As students reason about moral issues and explore ethical dilemmas, they develop critical thinking skills that enable them to make better decisions when faced with personal dilemmas. 

  • Are humans innately good or evil?
  • Can hurting others ever be justified?
  • Is anything ever eternal?
  • Is everyone created equal?
  • Is happiness more important than success?
  • Is it better to be kind than to be truthful?
  • Is it ethical to use dead animals in artworks?
  • Is it ever okay to break the rules?
  • Is it ever okay to cheat on a test?
  • Is it ever okay to lie?
  • Is it good to make your beliefs a part of your identity?
  • Is it immoral for people to own pets?
  • Is killing justified under certain conditions?
  • Is one human life worth more than another?
  • Is pacifism moral?
  • Should morals be relative depending on culture?
  • Should we always forgive others?
  • Should we refrain from eating intelligent animals?

Religious studies debate topics for high school students

Exploring religious studies topics is a vital part of many humanities classes. This deepens students’ understanding of how diverse religions have contributed to the human experience and builds their respect for different religious beliefs and practices.

Science & technology debate topics for high school students

The ever-evolving field of science and technology is a rich source for debate topics. Students can explore the ethics behind scientific advancements and develop their digital citizenship skills by examining responsible technology use.

Social-emotional learning debate topics for high school students

Debating social-emotional learning topics can increase students’ self-awareness and foster their empathy toward others, improving their relationship and conflict-resolution skills. Not only are these essential life skills, but they also contribute to creating a safe and supportive classroom environment that’s ideal for further debates.

With these ideas, you can empower your students to confidently navigate controversial debate topics. And that’s just the beginning! Our Topic Library contains over 500 discussion topics, each with dedicated pros and cons, for a range of age groups and curriculum subjects including literature, civics, and history. So, head to Kialo Edu and unleash the power of debate in your classroom today!

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