Celebrating World Space Week with science-based discussions

This year, over 90 countries will observe World Space Week (WSW) through thousands of events on the theme of “Space and Entrepreneurship.” This global celebration is the perfect opportunity to ignite students’ interest in STEM subjects!

As part of WSW, why not host a science-based discussion on Kialo Edu? Students can consider multiple perspectives on space-related issues whilst developing a sense of wonder about the infinite opportunities of the cosmos. Here is a selection of topics to launch discussions in your classroom!

Discussing the role of humans in space

Capitalize on younger children’s natural curiosity about the universe by discussing whether it would be good to be an astronaut. Investigate the effects of gravity, cook up some space food, or launch your own rockets to help develop students’ understanding of the pros and cons of traveling to space.

Would it be good to be an astronaut? kialo-edu.com

NASA plans on sending humans to Mars in the near future. While people may be better at exploring than the existing Mars Rover, is it worth the potential risks to human life? Inspire students with this discussion, and they may be first in line to blast off to the Red Planet!

Should we send a human mission to Mars? kialo-edu.com

A human mission to Mars could be “one small step” toward colonizing other planets. In this discussion, students can debate whether extraterrestrial colonization could secure the future of humanity, or if we should focus on improving life here on Earth instead.

Should we colonize other planets? kialo-edu.com

Investigating the ethics of space exploration

The start of WSW on 4th October commemorates the beginnings of space exploration. In debating the importance of exploring outer space, students can consider whether the resulting scientific discoveries merit the huge financial costs, or whether there are better uses for these investments here on Earth.

Is it important to explore outer space? kialo-edu.com

The end of WSW commemorates the date of the Outer Space Treaty, which became necessary as people discovered the opportunities and resources available in space. This rich diversity of minerals, metals, and gasses could offer solutions to the depleted resources here on Earth. So, should we extract resources from space? Your students will enjoy digging deep into the issues in this discussion! 

Should humans extract resources from space? kialo-edu.com

As outer space becomes an extension of our life on Earth, questions of defense and the use of weapons in space will inevitably arise. In this discussion, students can consider whether countries should be permitted to use all available avenues to defend themselves, or if placing weapons in space would create an arms race with unforeseeable consequences.

Should we allow weapons in outer space? kialo-edu.com

Exploring the role of space entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs are getting more and more involved in space exploration, questions on space ownership inevitably will arise. Would it be possible to find a fair way to decide who should own portions of space? Inspire the next generation of space entrepreneurs in this discussion!

Should anyone own outer space? kialo-edu.com

Entrepreneurs are ensuring that space tourism is already taking off! While it is likely to provide a boost to the economy, space tourism could have negative effects on the Earth itself. Students are sure to engage in this discussion on the pros and cons of space tourism when they realize that, one day, they may be taking their summer vacation on the International Space Station!

Is space tourism a good idea? kialo-edu.com

To stop your students spacing out this World Space Week, fire up one of these Kialo Edu discussions, or check out our debate topic library for more inspiration. Let your students have their say in these cosmic conversations!

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