Kialo Edu receives the Learning Apps Seal of Approval from the Austrian Ministry of Education

We are thrilled to announce that Kialo Edu has been awarded a Seal of Approval in digital mobile learning applications by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science, and Research!

This is a recognition of our commitment to providing a high-quality educational tool that fosters thoughtful classroom discussions with students.

What is the Learning Apps Seal of Approval?

The Learning Apps Seal of Approval (Gütesiegel Lern-Apps in German) is a prestigious certification awarded by the Austrian Ministry of Education. This certification is granted to digital learning applications that meet rigorous standards of quality, pedagogical value, and usability.

Kialo Edu has earned the Learning Apps Seal of Approval by fulfilling the stringent criteria established by the Ministry. The evaluation process involves a thorough review by teachers, who assess the app based on a wide variety of criteria, such as content accuracy, user interface, and the overall impact on the learning process.

Here is just a small selection of feedback from teachers involved in evaluating Kialo Edu: 

“It’s a good opportunity to actively involve students who are too reserved in oral discussions.”

“The app offers a good opportunity for argumentation, and illustrating this digitally is of great interest, especially for young people today.”

“Above all, critical thinking is demanded from students and promoted with this app!”

What does this mean for Kialo Edu?

Recipients of the Gütesiegel Lern-Apps on stage at the EdTech Austria Summit.
Photo copyright: Innovation Salzburg/Benedikt Schemmer

Along with several other highly-rated, independent reviews, this certification further validates Kialo Edu as a high-quality digital learning tool. The Seal of Approval affirms that Kialo Edu is a top-tier resource that has gone through rigorous evaluation and feedback for its usability and pedagogical approach. 

Additionally, the Seal of Approval serves as a valuable guide for teachers, students, parents, and guardians, helping them to select innovative educational products.

For Kialo Edu, receiving this Seal of Approval proves that our tool adheres to the educational standards set by the Ministry, ensuring it is a reliable and effective resource for both teachers and students.

This endorsement from the Austrian Ministry of Education contributes to growing international recognition of Kialo Edu as a reliable and effective digital learning tool.

Looking forward for Kialo Edu

At Kialo Edu, our mission is to support educators in fostering students’ critical thinking skills through meaningful classroom discussions. This recognition motivates us to continually enhance our platform with new features and content that increasingly meet the ever-evolving needs of educators and students.

With this Seal of Approval from the Austrian government, we aim to continue fostering partnerships and collaborations with educational bodies and institutions worldwide.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all educators who have used our platform in their classrooms, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration to make the world a more thoughtful place!

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