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The annual World Teachers’ Day on October 5th celebrates the work of teachers across the globe. This year’s UNESCO theme is “The teachers we need for the education we want: The global imperative to reverse the teacher shortage.”

The UNESCO campaign will examine ways to recognize, appreciate, and actively support teachers. Fortunately, here at Kialo Edu we are already one step ahead! To help you and your students celebrate World Teachers’ Day, we’ve compiled a set of discussions on the topic of teaching and education.

Not only is holding discussions a great way to connect with your students, but you can also try them out with other teachers to discover their real opinions on the world of education.

How to build rapport with students using Kialo Edu discussions

In our World Teachers’ Day discussions, give students the chance to consider different perspectives on teaching and explore its related rewards and challenges. Allowing students this insight into your role can strengthen the rapport you have with students, increasing their learning engagement.

Of course, we know that you don’t normally like to sing your own praises, but you do deserve recognition on this special day, so let’s start the discussions!

What’s the most important quality for a teacher to have?

Begin your World Teachers’ Day celebrations by asking students to think about what makes a great teacher. We’re sure that you are engaging, kind, organized, and knowledgeable, but which of these qualities do students think is most important in other teachers?

What’s the most important quality for a teacher to have? kialo-edu.com

Build rapport by showing students that you genuinely value their opinions. And when you’ve finished, it’s time to turn the tables by creating your own discussion on the most important quality for a student to have!

Is a degree in education essential for teachers?

Students can explore the pros and cons of the many different paths into teaching in this discussion. Sharing your own journey can strengthen your relationship with students as they love to discover more about the enigmatic individual at the front of the room!

Moreover, students may be inspired to set out on their own path into teaching, which can hopefully help reverse that teacher shortage.

Is a degree in education essential for teachers? kialo-edu.com

Could technology ever replace teachers?

Once students have explored the qualities and qualifications of great teachers, ask them whether technology could ever take their place. Perhaps it could even hold the key to solving the teacher recruitment crisis?

In discussing the benefits of the many educational apps, websites, and tools available online, students will hopefully identify that living, breathing teachers also have their advantages!

Could technology ever replace teachers? kialo-edu.com

Have engaging conversations with colleagues through Kialo discussions

It wouldn’t be fair to let students have all the fun on World Teachers’ Day, so try using the week’s staff meeting to hold discussions on the topic of teaching.

This is a great opportunity to introduce Kialo Edu to your colleagues. Presenting them with an engaging, interactive resource that develops critical thinking and has a host of useful tools is a great way to show how much you appreciate your fellow professionals!

Why not start by discussing whether teachers should be allowed days off in the school term? Getting long holidays and vacation days is often considered one of the best benefits of being a teacher. But those in the know recognize the negatives of a fixed holiday pattern. This discussion fits perfectly with this year’s UNESCO theme, as it can propose some drastic changes to the traditions of long winter and summer breaks. 

Should teachers be allowed days off during the school term? kialo-edu.com

If you and your colleagues have strong views on the issue, try making this an anonymous discussion. Offering pros and cons under a randomized username will allow all participants to contribute honest opinions! 

We’d love to hear how you plan to celebrate World Teachers’ Day — even if it is just putting away the grading for the evening! Get in touch at feedback@kialo-edu.com, or on any of our social media platforms.

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